Firenzzi Disinfection Cabinet

Keep Your Family a more Healthy Lifestyle!

Living in today’s modern society, there are many unanticipated new deseases formed due to environmental changes in the current global state. Sometimes, we aren’t aware of our daily used kitchen utensils that might be contaminated by bacteria which can harm your overall health in your body. Biological stucies have shown that utensils such as forks and spoons can spread bacteris from one another by cross-contamination which are not 100% clean and safe to use. Also, most of our home tableware is placed in the drawer, dish dryers or wooden cabinet that might attract unwanted insects or bugs like cockroaches, lizards, etc.

Thanks to Firenzzi new Disinfection Cabinet that will provide us a hygienic storage compartment to place our kitchen utensils as well as dirt-free to maintain your utensils clean and safe.

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