Protect Your Valuable Items with Firenzzi Dehumidifier!

The Malaysia weather is too humid and can cause damage to items that are value to us, like:-
– wood furnishing
– leather products
– video equipments
– books
– cameras
– musical instrument and etc.

With Firenzzi’s compact sized yet powerful De-humidifier that has a humidity absorption coverage of up to 270sq.ft, we assure all your valuables will be kept safe and protected from destructive organisms such as fungus, mould or mildew.


  • Humidistat to set a comfortable room humidity and energy saving mode
  • 3 litre transparent tank, easy to see water lavel
  • Tank control system, indicator lit when tank is full
  • Casters & pull-up handle for easy move/carrying
  • Top mounted control panel
  • Approved for use indrying/laundry cabins
  • Anti-frost protection for ultra low temperature use
  • Continuous external drainage outlet
  • Quiet operation