Sleeping with a better quality air environment…..

Firenzzi is already a well known brand bringing in new technology and innovation making health care products and not just only assist you on daily household work as before.


Why should I need a Firenzzi Baby Comfy?

Every mother’s wish is for their babies to be healthy. If you are worried that your baby might face respiratory problems due to dust, pollen and smoke particles, then Firenzzi Baby Comfy is the ideal solution for all devoted mothers out there! Firenzzi Baby Comfy is a 2-in-1 air purifier with an additional convenient hand-held vacuum cleaner and comes in … model FAV-201.

Firenzzi Baby Comfy FAV-201 air purifier eliminates dangerous smoke, mold spores, dust, pollen and carbons from the air. When babies are born, their immune system and respiratory organs such as the lungs are too weak to fight off airborne pathogens causing diseases, allergies and possibly asthma. Firenzzi Baby Comfy comes with a 3 layer anti-bacterial system… (metal mesh/HEPA & activated carbon filter), it will clean and purify the air in your baby’s room by 99.9% of 0.3 um keeping them healthy and saving a mother’s worry.

Firenzzi Baby Comfy’s air purifier is designed to provide a white noise which some babies find it calming. The white noise factor drowns out outside noise while your baby is sleeping so unexpected noises such as the doorbell or a dog barking doesn’t wake them up while they’re taking a nap. Having trouble cleaning your desk and keyboard with the standard vaccums? Cannot remove dirt and dust from underneath the furniture or corners? Fear not with Firenzzi Baby Comfy’s hand-held Vacuum Cleaner.

Firenzzi Baby Comfy’s hand-held vacuum cleaner benefits users for it’s light weight and convenience. This gives you a better cleaning experiences as it’s light weight does not put much pressure on your wrists. It is easy to carry around the house, upstairs and to be lifted up to clean everything above shoulder level. With that, removing dirt from any angle becomes easier.

“Kakak, can your please help me sweep the biscuit crumbs off the floor please?”.

Now with Firenzzi Baby Comfy, you don’t need to trouble your maid, mom or even yourself for going all the way looking for a broom or an inconvenient heavy vacuum cleaner just to solve such a small problem. The hand-held vacuum cleaner is also convenient for cleaning for car seats, baby bed sheets, small particles on the ready tables, etc …

How does the Firenzzi Baby Comfy operate?

Firenzzi Baby Comfy are user friendly, just plug in and press ON, it will blow in the air from the back side of the vent and pass through 3 layer HEPA filter which eliminates up to 99.9% smoke particles of 0.3 um, dust, hair & pollen to help relieve clean & fresh air avoiding some babies having sensitive allergy problems.

It operates like a mini fan that provides with the White Noise that allows baby to have a good deep sleep. There are 3 speeds to switch on the blower (low, mid and high) and comes with 8 hours timer. When the hand-held vacuum cleaner is at low battery, just insert the hand-held vacuum into the air-purifier tower to charge for 6 hours, when it is fully charge, one push button on your hand whenever you require using it.

Who should use a Firenzzi Baby Comfy?

Children from aged 0 to 15 are encouraged to use a Baby Comfy to protect their health so that they will be able to grow healthy.