BBQ whole year round..

Grilling food in the backyard is one of the great past times. Everyone can enjoy the gathering around the grill while the fragrances of the cooking food wafts through the air, along with the smoke.

Simply enjoy.. That is what you want when planning a barbecue with friends or family. Barbecuing means being together. With friends, family or just the two of you around an authentic fire. Enjoy your garden, the food, the company… without too much hassle. So sit back, relax and enjoy!

In this context, the Firenzzi BBQ Expert Grill is your best possible partner. Young or old? Everyone prepares their own dish on this handy BBQ Grill. At receptions, large garden tables or on intimate terraces? Firenzzi BBQ Expert Grill feels at home everywhere!

Grilling and barbecuing transcends the moment of a regular meal. Any idea why? Because barbecue view barbecuing as an entertaining and fun time with friends and family. What makes the party mood really gain momentum is the easy and fun. No start up hassle, just loads of ambience!

Now create an exotic atmosphere with Firenzzi BBQ Expert Grill

Fire brings friends close together.. Make cooking fun without stress!