‘No Flame, No Fire’…

Ecologically friendly cooking methods for the 21st century. Most of the time, the cooktop sees a lot of the action. Whether it’s sealing a steak or simmering a delicate sauce, many great meals start at the cooktop. With the leading technologies, Firenzzi Induction & Ceramic cooktop offer convenient and flexibility for your cooking. Fast, clean and safe to use for you and your family…

Start your flameless cooking today with Firenzzi..

Why should I need Firenzzi Flame-Free Cooker?

There are always come with choice of 2:

Induction Cooker
The thermal efficiency of Firenzzi Induction Cooker is 93%. Using electromagnetic induction, heat is generated directly from the contact point, creating heat wave bottom up for less heat lost and quicker heating time.

Apart from the contact between cookware and Induction Cooker, there is no burn risk from touching the cooker surface due to unique electromagnetic induction. It is also free from dangerous fumes, gas or other cooking fuels. The Induction Cooker comes with fail-safe system to prevent any risk, thus making your kitchen safer and also offer an alternative heating method with an easy-to-surface.

Ceramic Cooker
The technology used in Firenzzi Ceramic Cooker is far infrared. It is especially suitable for modern family cooking. Making for a more aesthetically pleasing alternative and more flexibility for your kitchen too. It is not the electromagnetic radiation; warming and many cooking functions are available.

How does Firenzzi Flame-Free Cooker operate?

Create easy-to-use by touching ‘ON/OFF’ button to switch on the cooker. Both induction and ceramic hobs use hard wearing glass.

Ceramic hobs have an element under this toughened glass. As soon as you switch a ceramic zone on, the element will start heating up the zone. The zone will glow red – on and off according to the heat level chosen.

An induction hob will only heat up when a ferrous pan is placed on it. The coil under the induction zone will create an electromagnetic field when the power is turned on. As soon as the pan is removed (or when the zone is switched off), the heat generation will stop.

Who should use Firenzzi Flame-Free Cooker?

Firenzzi Flame-Free Cooker is simple and easy to operate. While the controls are simple to understand and highly customizable to suit your culinary purpose all surface are easily cleaned after use.

Small family of three or four like new married couple, elderly people or student will benefit by using flame-free cooking. Quick and easily to prepare their meal for breakfast or dinner without wasting time.

Most of the time, homemaker daily will have a lot of action in the kitchen to prepare the lovely daily cooking highly nutritious meal, perfectly cooked food with the natural, easy implement retained heat cooking method for their family member.

High-rise luxury living, large Penthouse Apartment or Condominium with the very well-kept modern living in Soho. Fully equipped stylish open-plan kitchen. Firenzzi Flame-Free Cooker high grade and it is ideal for the modern living family.

Control panel design, easy to operate and clean appropriate ceramic cooker for family use. With its clean, unique and brilliant lines, the cooktop will look great.


Simply Easy
Equip with the sensor that automatically control the cooking operation without the need to constantly monitor your cooking.

iTouch Control
The leading technologies give you freedom, flexible and efficient for your cooking with just a touch.

High Efficiency
The efficiency is as high as 85% and saves a lot of energy and is environmentally friendly.

E.G.O Heating Elements (Model: FRD-2088 & FRR-2099)
Heating element with the innovative product development of German technology that can provide high standard of performance.

SCHOTT CERAN Glass (Model: FRR-2099)
An elegant product alternative to the classic black glass-cooktop temperature-stable and resistance against abrupt temperature shock.

Safety Device
Enjoy the moment to cook with the child lock device to prevent child by switching on the cooker. In addition, there are no open flames, smoke or gas emissions making this an extremely safe and convenient cooking solution.

Overheating Protection
Power cut off when overheating is detected. To assure your cooking safety.

Auto Switch off Protection
Cooker will switch off automatically if there is no operation after 2 hours.

Gadget Detector
When any gadget smaller than 8cm (eg. Knife, fork, spoon, key and etc) is detected, the cooker will buzz for one minute as a warning signal. If the gadget is not removed, the cooker will switch to standby mode automatically so the utensil will not be heated up and pose a risk later on.

Heat Level & Individual Heat Indicator
Up to 9 power levels control with individual heat indicator.

Versatile Cooking
Various cooking function just in one cooktop. The choice of two whether just freestanding or built-in the cooktop.

Easy Maintenance and Care
With cooler surfaces and no open flame, cooktops are safer and easier to clean. Wipe it with detergent or glass wax, then clean it with moist cloth or just wide the cooking surface with damp cloth.

Discover how easy it is starting to cook good food of all kinds with ‘ No Flame, No Fire’. Make your cooking heat instantly with great precision..