More Saving, More Power & More Energy Saving!

Moving towards the new technology & innovation, Firenzzi new Electric Oven offers a complete full specification to your desire needs especially for those who like to cook, bake, grill or roast will surely wow your guests at a shorter time!

Firenzzi new electric oven comes with 3 different capacity models – TO-2038(38 litres, 1600 watts), TO-2048(48 litres, 1800 watts) and TO-4060(60 litres, 2000 watts).All three models come with stainless steels upper/lower heating elements equipped with a back fan which helps circulate the inner heat cooking with a complete satisfied asian style of cooking.

Each model comes with convention & a rotisserie function, a tray and a wire shelve for your complete cooking needs. The timer control functions as a 60 minutes timer with an auto shut off and a ready bell, beside the heating processor selector. The heating element controls from 100 to 250 degrees to allow choosing the desired temperature for your cooking needs.

Each model comes with the graphic sign in front of the oven panel for easy illustrations for the heat required for each respective cooking. Firenzzi table electric ovens are user freindly and assured quality products for our loyal customers to have more time for your family.