Enjoy The Best Quality Of The Air Moisture Start From Today!

Having a balance diet, plenty of exercise and drinking plenty of water is not enough to achieve beautiful skin because when you sleep in an air-conditioned room, the humidity level is lower than the ideal 55% for your skin.

Experiencing dry skin?
Do you know that the best level of air moisture when we sleep in at 40%-60% humidity?

In an air-conditioned room, air evaporation results in the lowering of air moisture from 40% humidity down to 30%.

Low humidity air causes our skin to be dry which results in various skin problems.

Thanks to Firenzzi, introducing a new technology that comes with an auto sensor which is able to detect air humidity level and keep it at 40%-60% for up to 12 hours!

Now, with New Firenzzi Humidifier, you can prevent dry skin problems even while sleeping in an air-conditioned room every night.


How does Firenzzi humidifier operate?

It’s simple, just fill water into the tank until it’s full, then switch on and immediately the cool moisture mists will flow out. The mist will come out strongly diffusing into the air. Firenzzi model FHD-503 and FHD-505 comes with an auto sensor and with an ionizer that gives you more fresh air than ever.

Firenzzi humidifier sets at the correct moisture level that is at 40-60% humidity. Once the moisture of the area is more than 60% humiditity, it will automatically stop until the moisture % falls below 60%.

The hygro button allows you to overwrite the auto sensor by constantly pressing the button until you see the word CO (confirm overwrite) and stay at this level. The mists will keep on flowing until it runs out of water.

Model FHD-505 comes with a control mode function that reduces the brightness of the display light to comfort your sleep. The FHD-503 & FHD-505 models come with 5.5 litres water tank and the coverage area is up of 60 to 150 sq meters floor area.

Model FHD-501 comes with a 3.8 litres water tank that covers area of 35 m3 floor spaces.

Which place requires a Firenzzi humidifier?

Air conditioned areas – office, saloon, spa, restaurant, KTV room, hotel rooms as well as family hall and private rooms.

All Firenzzi humidifier comes with one year warranty for manufacturing default.

All Firenzzi products come with one million product liability Insurance.