More Clean, More Healthy………………. !

Protects delicates & cleans intimates

Introducing a revolutionary mini washing machine with No After-Wash Spin function and built-in Bacteria Killing & Disinfection function, designed exclusively to care for your lingerie, so you won’t have to hand wash anything again.


No After-Wash Spin Function

The Firenzzi Hygienic Mini Washer was built specifically with No After-Wash Spin function to prevent your precious personal wear from going out of shape. Most bras and panties, negligee, and even swimwear are made of delicate material, and cannot withstand the after-wash spin cycle in conventional washing machines, some going as fast as 800 rpm.

With the Firenzzi Hygienic Mini Washer, you don’t have to worry about your underwear getting stretched and spoilt. This mini washing machine comes with a laundry bag to provide extra protection during the gentle wash, keeping your lingerie looking lovely! And the best part is, they’ll last much longer, too.

Bacteria Killing & Disinfection Function
When it comes to washing underwear, it’s important to be really clean. That’s why Firenzzi Hygienic Mini Washer comes with a built-in Ozone Generator that kills bacteria 600 folds faster than chlorine does. It ionizes the air, creating O2, that combines with water to form a strong sterilization function, so it doesn’t just wash, it disinfects!

And because this process gets rid of germs, bacteria and bad odour, you can be sure that your bras and panties will come out of the wash really clean and comfortable, protecting your health and giving you confidence with every wear.

Easy to use
The Firenzzi Hygienic Mini Washer is extremely user-friendly, with 3 soft touch controls to run this fully automated mini washing machine. Micro-computer operated with auto water input, auto wash, auto rise, auto drainage and auto sterilization, it comes with an electric drain pump that gives you an up-drain option.

Good size
The Firenzzi Hygienic Mini Washer fits perfectly into your lifestyle, with a 1kg washing capacity and wash cycle that only takes 45 minutes to complete.

Chic & cute
Our beautiful egg-inspired oval design is a symbol of life and fortune, and is available in two attractive colour options to suit your personality.

Mobile & modern
Small and stylish, the Firenzzi Hygienic Mini Washer is easy to carry around making it highly portable.

Satisfaction guaranteed
Every Firenzzi Hygienic Mini Washer comes with a Full One Year Warranty, which includes all parts and services.