A healthy lifestyle begins with drinking juice.

Having a balance diet alone is not enough. Drinking 2 to 3 fruit juice everyday are important for detoxification and body health. The vitamins in the juice help to capture free radicals in your body, slow down the aging process by preventing oxidation. You can strengthen your immune system if you take them frequently.

Yes…Now with Firenzzi Power Juice Maker FE-9000, you can squeeze fruits and vegetables such as apple, star fruit, orange, carrot as well as ginger, and get 30% more juice than other machines.

The screw rod grinding operates at 75 RPM slow squeeze system. It squeezes the fruits at maximum power only leaving behind the dry fibre to give you the maximum fruit juice of your desire at one go. The screw rod is made of ceramic for a more healthy measure and to keep more nutrition and oxidation resistance.

Firenzzi FE-9000 is also a Multi Food Processor!

Not just having more fruit juice, multifunctional Firenzzi FE-9000 makes your life more wonderful.

Firenzzi FE-9000 comes with exclusive accessories to assist you in making homemade noodles, fish paste or meat ball. It’s simple, easy to use, and instruction manual is provided.

Making homemade meat paste or meat ball is so simple with Firenzzi FE-9000. Cut fresh meat into 2×2 cm, put into the feeding tube and press start. The screw rod will then grind the meat into minces. And then you can use the minced meat to make meat paste or meat ball.