About Asia Summit Marketing Sdn Bhd

Asia Summit Marketing brings over 42 years of experience and expertise in the electrical appliances industry, particularly home and kitchen appliances.

“Performance, Product Quality & Price”

Our philosophy stems from our expertise and many years of experience in the electrical appliances industry and understanding what consumers need and what is important to them.

Our core focus is on personal home and kitchen appliances that will improve the overall quality of life. This improvement enables people to spend more time with their family and other important priorities instead of housework.

It is our vision to be a premium personal home and kitchen appliances provider in Malaysia. We want people to think of Asia Summit Marketing whenever they have such products in mind. We promise our customers reliable and valuable electrical products and efficient after-sales service.

Quality First, attention to detail, stylish design and meticulous attention to customer requirements are found in all our kitchen appliances, vouching for their authenticity and excellence. 

Our ambition is to be the mainstay of your kitchen: a unique space that merits desirability, practicality and quality at the highest level. 

We improve the community’s lifestyle in general, enabling people to have more time to spend on better and meaningful pursuits.